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Hi! I am CiCi   ~ When I first started my Journey Of Life I had no mentor and no money. Early on I realized that the "one" thing that I "did" have was a love for the written word, a mind and a brain. All of the things I've learned in my Journey Of Life has taken a lot of work; some of it was hard, some challenging,  some exciting and some great fun.

My love of animals and birds and butterflies,  to view them in their natural habitat,  took me places many of my peers would never journey.  To embark upon such adventures it is helpful that one enjoys hiking, camping and travel.

 I learned early on there were two words that could not be tolerated as I journeyed on each segment of my personal life's  learning curve. Those two words were "can't" and "failure."  Humor's magic has its unique way of carrying one over the challenging times we all go through in our journey of life.  And, for me, without question, my own personal awareness and connection with my Creator has given me inspiration, guidance and wisdom.


Early on, in my Journey Of Life, I also I learned that I was a very "practical" person, although, at the time, I didn't know what it was called!  I learned very quickly how to not only be creative myself but also how to enjoy the creativity of others.  The longer I lived I further learned how to put to good use, and combine my always limited "time" with whatever little money that would come my way.  In doing so, I also became more resourceful. 

I invite you to join me on this website, feel what I felt, cry with me, laugh with me, share my pain, my hopelessness as I walked through hard, sad and joyous experiences.  Most of all, learn from my experiences. 

Originally intended to be only a few pages, this website simply continues to grow.  Do visit often, share it with your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances.  Allow me to ultimately share helpful, creative resources with all who stop by.

Let me ask you: Do you have a Dream? Allow me to help you to stop stuffing your dreams somewhere in the "hopeful future" with a lost list of excuses and justifications.  Life is short.  A dream is a journey that begins with a single step!  Start your journey: get to work on your Dream. Learn to say "Yes!" to YOUR Dream!


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Take time and visit our Inspirational Page ~ Some great stories and articles are there! 

And, don't overlook our Humor section.  You'll be so glad you did!






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