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One of the more important aspects of a wedding is the rings that are to be worn by the bride and the groom. To let them show their married state there are many designs of wedding rings that can be bought. While these are all beautiful sometimes it is nice to be wearing a ring with a distinctive design. One type of wedding ring that can give you this air of distinction is that of Celtic wedding rings.



These Celtic wedding rings are styled with the traditional flowing braided design that is very much a part of Celtic origins. All of the Celtic wedding rings follow the ancient traditional look that you will see in the original wedding ring styles. The main difference with the Celtic wedding rings is that they are no longer confined to being made with just gold or silver bands.



Today you can find Celtic wedding rings being made from other metals, like that of Titanium. There are also Celtic wedding rings that have been fashioned out of a metal that is blue gray in color. This ring is called a Meteorite ring. While this ring bears this name you will find that it has a shiny appearance that is somewhat rough in texture. Celtic wedding rings like this have been fashioned entirely by hand. This makes each one subtly different.


For the person who is determined that their wedding should have an entirely Celtic flavor to it, buying Claddagh Celtic wedding rings will spell out the theme of the wedding and it will show where your personal tastes lie. These Claddagh wedding rings are identified as being completely Celtic in origin and that if you are wearing one of these rings you are symbolizing your feelings for the entire world to see.

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Behind the Claddagh Celtic wedding rings there is a very interesting story. The story has to do with faith, trust and love. In the Claddagh wedding ring the design is two hands that are clasping a heart. On the top of the heart there is a crown. According to the legend if this Claddagh ring is worn on the left hand and the crown is turned outwards it proclaims to the whole world that your heart is taken by a true and faithful love.

These are just a few of the many different Celtic wedding rings that you can find. You will see that all of these Celtic wedding rings are very beautiful and they give an air of ancient traditions to modern weddings. Therefore you should wear your Celtic wedding ring with pride and joy.









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