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By: Ms.CiCi 

When possible go "green" and make your birthday party decorations from natural materials.  They will be original, beautiful and will save you a lot of money.

Birthday party decorations may be hung in the party room or throughout the house.  They are easy to attach and remove when you're done by using invisible non-stick tape.  Heavier decorations can be attached to the wall by using a dab of  wall putty.

If possible, depending upon your birthday party theme try and use brightly colored decorations. 


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Again, depending upon your chosen birthday party theme you might consider asking your guests to dress in bright, solid colors; all red, all yellow, orange, etc.

If you have a sidewalk ask your children to decorate it using sidewalk chalk.  Don't offend your neighbors; just remember to clean it up when the party is over!


Be creative!  With a little thought and planning, decorating for birthday parties can bring forth some wonderful and surprising results.

Remember: The more of "you" that you put into creatively decorating for a birthday party, the more that party will be remembered by those you love and hold dear to your heart!  Those memories are ones that money can never buy and will never fade with time!









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