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Designer Kitchens

 The term "designer kitchens" can conjure up many things for many people, the least of which is a modern type kitchen. Designer kitchen can be created by the elite of the interior decorating world and thus make them a true blue designer kitchen. Or you also have the kitchens which are replicated from the kitchens that grace the homes of celebrities and world renown chefs. Then there's the next tier of designer kitchens which to my mind is basically the kitchens which you design for yourself from scratch.


These are my favorite form of designer kitchens as they include everything that you could possibly want but it mixes and matches your preferences to create the perfect kitchen for you. This way it's not someone else's kitchen preferences taking place in your kitchen. Now those are the type of designer kitchens which you ideally want.


The other type of designer kitchens are also okay, especially the kitchen types of the chefs who know what exactly what is needed to spend your time pottering about in the kitchen. But it's still designer kitchens of their own choosing and not your own. What you really want is something where you can feel comfortable and in which you can spend your time whipping up some magnificent creations.


Whatever the rest of the world thinks the fact of the matter, it is that true that you do spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen. For that reason I feel that the kitchen should be somewhere you won’t mind spending time and somewhere where the time will fly without your even being aware of it.


Of course there's nothing to say that your version of the designer kitchens range shouldn't encompass everything that's good and great about of all of the other types of designer kitchens. In fact that's part of the greatness of this whole thing. The ability for you to design your own kitchen to have everything you want and not have to adhere to someone else's view of what should ideally be in a designer kitchen.

So go ahead and design your own kitchen. Include in it everything that you have ever dreamed of having in your kitchen including that state of the art kitchen sink. And after that you can go around telling everybody that you have one of your very own designer kitchens. There really is no need to let them in on the secret though – that you are the design genius behind your fantastic designer kitchen.









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