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The average person looks forward to relaxing in front of their TV after a hard day’s work. For many people this relaxation can now take place in front of a plasma TV. To decide which of these TVs is best for you will need to look at the difference between plasma and LCD televisions.



The main criteria that you will need to look carefully at are screen size, television thickness, viewing angle and burn-in. These issues will help you to understand the between plasma and LCD TVs better for making an informed choice.


In the screen size you will find that a LCD screen can range from 13 inches to 46 inches. This is set to change as there are bigger sized LCD’s about to come onto the market. For the plasma TV the screen size is from 32 inches to 60 inches.


Here the difference between plasma and LCD is that plasma TV’s are currently larger sized but the technology of LCD’s is making the large screen for LCDs a reality. For the thickness issue you will not find too much of a difference as both the LCD TVs and the plasma TVs are both manufactured to similar sizes of thickness. In general the flat screen TVs are about 1 to 2 inches in depth.


This slim style allows you to hang or place your plasma and LCD television anywhere that you want. The other factor you will need to look for in the difference between plasma and LCD is the viewing angle.


Generally LCD televisions have a fixed angle of viewpoint. This means that once you have placed your LCD television on a stand or in a TV hutch you will need to physically change the direction of the TV to see the picture.


With a plasma TV you have the option of placing your TV in a place where you can see it from any place in the room. For the optimum viewing pleasure your plasma TV you should sit at a reasonable distance so that you see the picture clearly but you will not see the individual pixels.


The same is true for LCD TVs but here there is a slight advantage for the LCD televisions because the screen resolution in terms of pixels is clearer. In a LCD TV you will receive a smooth looking image, much more than you would with a plasma TV. For this reason you will find the screen resolution difference between plasma and LCD only ends at the large end of scale for both of the TVs.

The difference between plasma and LCD TVs is not that much when you look at the various issues. You should however remember that these issues are only one way of selecting a plasma TV or a LCD TV.









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