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Google ranking is mostly done on the basis of page rank system. As per this system sites are given importance on the basis of link popularity, the quality of the links that point to your site, and the text around the links that point to your site submission. Google ranking is a bonus. And it's ephemeral. Google ranking is a collection of algorithms used to find the most relevant documents for a user query. It is done for hundreds of millions of queries a day, from a collection of billions and billions of pages. In short, Google ranking is largely determined by how good other pages think your page is.


Keywords are the words used by a user in his search for a website. One of ways of optimization of a website for search engine software and achieve higher Google ranking is to increase the number of times the keywords searched for occur in a website. Keyword is the star. Of course there are many other factors that could land a website to the top but keywords play a major role in getting your site or any site for that matter to the top position. Keywords and meta descriptions are important, these are little snippets of code that are hidden in the header of your web page. Search engines look for these and read them.


Keywords can just as easily be added in meta tags, via free tagging, or simply within the content itself. There's no special benefit in putting them in the URL instead. Keyword stuffing can get a site labeled SPAM by Google’s search engine. As long as content is relevant to the domain name, there should be no problem.


To obtain a good Google ranking you also need other sites to link to your website or topic page.  Sites that are organized and have developed, naturally, develop and demand a respect on the internet. If you develop a website with a lot of information on a niche topic and many, many links to other web sites that carry further information on this niche topic your Google ranking will obtain a prominent status in their search engine.


Search engine rankings are extremely important for a successful Internet marketing business. Before you go out and hire a search engine optimization company, try taking some of the simple steps listed on this website and see if you can't boost your rankings yourself.


There a lot of internet 'sharks' out there that bill themselves as a 'guru,' just waiting to take you on a 'ride' out into deep, dreadful waters where your pockets will be, literally, emptied!  Google Ranking Secrets For You will help you find the real gurus; the  honest  ones that have the personal integrity and desire to see you succeed in achieving a high Google ranking.









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