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Dancing is very much a part of our lives.  There are cultures that have used dancing for various ceremonial and traditional festivals. In many history books you can see that dance has been around almost as long as man’s history.

In the ancient times dancing was used for asking the gods for favors and to scare demons and other evil spirits away from villages.  As you see the history of dance is woven in to many aspects of our lives.

These were not the only uses that dancing held for the people of earlier times.  Sometimes these cultures used dancing to act as a form of history.  By enacting various incidents and events that happened in the tribes or villages past they would keep that memory alive in the people’s minds.  Sometimes this form of history of dance and emotions would be passed on through generations.

Dance was found not only in the “primitive” cultures but the more advanced civilizations like Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used dance for many of these reasons as well.  As there were forms of writing by these times, the history of dance became more known but there was very little told about the people who danced in various rituals and the uses that dancing was used for.


As time passes us by we see that dancing forms have changed in many different ways. The history of dance now showed that dancing was used for entertainment as well for ceremonial events. In many cultures dancing was used to welcome guests into homes and show the importance of these people.  Now you can see that there are many different trends developing in the history of dance.  So we will travel to another part of history to see what else is happening to dance.

We have now entered the time of the waltz’s birth.  The history of dance let’s us see that men and women are beginning to desire a freedom from the earlier restrictive dance movements.  While there are some people who think that the waltz is shameless and should be banned from polite society there are a vast majority who embrace this dance as being just what society needs.

We are now nearing the end of our brief journey through the history of dance.  As you may see there are lots of different dance forms being explored.  Some of these dance forms are still based on various folk dances and other forms of entertainment.  So while you dance the night away see how the different dances have changed how we enjoy our times of leisure.









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