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You will find that many types of sidings offer you many benefits which they say will enhance the value of your home. Some of these values can be found with the look of the siding, the cost of the material and even the durability of the siding. Stone siding is one of nature’s created sidings where the advantages are inbuilt.



In many case you will find that stone siding is more expensive than the other types of sidings. This however is just the initial cost of the material. As time passes you will find that stone siding has the ability to last for quite a long time. Also in most cases the stone siding will look as natural and attractive as when you first installed this siding.


There are different types of stone siding that you can buy for your home. These stone sidings can include slate, granite, and even manufactured stone. Each of these stone materials can be used as stone siding.


When you are looking to install stone siding you should look at each of these different products and decide which one has the best advantages to offer your home. You should remember that most of these stone sidings can be expensive when you are first buying them.



The advantages that you will find however will make your buying stone sidings an investment that you don’t want to miss. When you look at slate shingle siding, you will rarely see this as a stone siding material that you want to place on your homes.


There are many good things that slate shingle siding has to offer the discerning homeowner. As this material has been used for centuries, it is known to be very long lasting and hardy. With the proper maintenance you will see that your slate shingle stone siding can last for more than 75 years.


Additionally this particular siding has the ability to resist extreme heat and cold, fires and even acid rain which causes more damage to our homes than we could ever imagine. Besides slate shingles you will be able to use manufactured stone siding.


This stone siding is not produced naturally but it has many of the properties of natural stone siding. Manufactured stone siding is made from fine sand, natural iron oxide pigment, and Portland cement. All of these materials have been blended together to produce a substance that can be molded to have the look and texture of real stone.


This type of stone siding has a 30 year period of durability. Also unlike real stone the manufactured stone siding has a quarter inch deep groove that is cut into the back of the stone. This groove allows the siding to be attached to your home properly and thoroughly.

At first glance you will think that a house with stone siding is very expensive but attractive. Once the installation costs are finished you will find that not only is your home very attractive but maintaining your home’s natural beauty is easy.









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