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In the world of dancing you will find that there are many different types of dances that occur everywhere. Many of these dances will follow a structural pattern that has been taught by the masters in this field.

There is however a form of dancing where all of this formalized dancing is just used as a guide. This dance form is known as street dancing.


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In street dancing the people take the aspects of
different genres of dancing and combine those moves into a style that reflects their personality and background. In many cases street dancing evolves
out of a desire to perform dance in spite of the lack of proper facilities.


Street dancers are in general young men and women who live in urban areas where they have difficulties in finding dance studios.  For these people street dancing is a way of releasing their frustrations and creative energy in a non violent way. The desire to improve their dancing skills builds a discipline that dancing in any form requires.


In addition they can develop the ability to evaluate the methods of dancing and see what they will need to improve themselves.

Besides being a fun way to spend their free time street dancing is gaining acceptance as ye another form of beautiful and vibrant dancing. There are competitions for street dancing that can be found in a few countries where this dance form is widely known and practiced.

You will also see street dancing competitions occurring on the streets themselves as rival teams of street dancers try and prove their range of style and skill.

Unlike other rivalries that take place on the streets
when a crowd of people get together, street dancing gives each person on the different teams a chance of showing what they can do. There is a time limit that gives everyone the opportunity of seeing the various new moves that have been created and perfected.

Generally the skill and discipline that goes into these dance steps are acknowledged and admired by others who may try these sequences at a later date. As street dancing is a constantly evolving dance form there are times when you can see a new dance style come into life right before your eyes.

Therefore the next time that you see a group of people performing some new styles of street dancing take the time to admire all their work. This dedication has taken street dancing and the intricate steps a beauty that can draw people from all walks of life into its sphere.








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