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The Sign of Treasure In the Sea

 On May 4, 2007, in Orlando, Florida, I received a prediction regarding a sign that would come, of a find of great wealth in the sea.

“The Spirit of God says, Do not take lightly what was spoken about concerning the sea. For there is something that is taking place in the sea. Vengeance is in the sea. A battlefield under the waters, why? Because of the great wealth that shall come from the waters deep down. No not from the moon, no not from another planet, not yet; but God said from the sea that will bring a healing. Hence you will see the battle in the sea. The corruption shall be exposed. For even as Elijah went to the house of the woman at Zarephath. Oil, sticks, dirt, all of these components now to bring an abundance to the United States of America. Sticks, dirt, oil, water and the amalgamation and God says it shall be something that has never, ever happened before. And this nation shall speak of water; oil, dirt, and the amalgamation shall bring an energy. Therefore look to the sign of the battlefield in the waters.” (May 4, 2007)

On May 5, 2007,  in Orlando, Florida, more came about the wealth in the sea, a link to the story of Simon Peter going to find the coin in the fish’s mouth, and some details I saw of an emblem.

“I delight in the prosperity of My people. As I told Simon Peter, find the fish, for the wealth is in the fish. They will fight but there is great wealth, great energy not yet detected which I will blind them to. For I will only allow My Nation that will honor Me to have this first fruits. You have given therefore you shall be honored says the Lord. I see an emblem of the octopus. It has a star, it has something underneath it and this is an organization that shall arise. Fear not, for as I told you I laugh at those who would strike at this Nation.” (May 5, 2007)

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Greenspan Deep-Sea Explorers Discover Possible Richest Shipwreck Treasure in History

May 18, 2007

Greenspan Spain Probes Treasure Hunters - Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Spanish government is investigating if a crime was committed by a U.S. company that said it had found $500 million worth of coins in an Atlantic Ocean shipwreck, according to Sunday news reports. 

Odyssey Marine Exploration, based in Tampa, Fla., revealed on Friday they had found hundreds of thousands of colonial-era silver and gold coins in the wreck, but didn’t release details about the ship or the wreck site, citing security concerns.10

Greenspan Shipwreck Treasure Brings Claims, Rumors 

Monday, May 21, 2007.

“We are overwhelmed by the worldwide interest in this project, and it reinforces our belief that shipwreck exploration hits a nerve with the public. I wasn’t prepared for the response,” Odyssey co-founder Greg Stemm said.


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