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Yeast Infection Treatments


For the person who suffers from yeast infections, whether they are recurrent or not, there are many yeast infection treatments available these days which can bring relief to you. Some of these are available as prescription medications and some of these are available as over the counter medications.


Other yeast infection treatments still, are available in the guise of natural yeast infection treatments. What you choose depends upon your personal preferences, and to a very large extent your overall health and possible reactions with any of these yeast infection treatments.


This is especially true in the case of prescription and over the counter medications as these have the ability to give many different side effects most of which are not pleasant.


It should also be mentioned that if you’re taking any of these medications and you’re also thinking of turning to natural yeast infection treatments, you might first want to consult with your physician to rule out any possible drug and herb interactions.


That said, some herbs used in yeast infection treatments also have side effects of their own, and if they are being taken over a long period of time, or in large doses, the help of a trained herbalist should be enlisted. This will ensure that you get the proper dosages and that you don’t overstep the bounds.


Of the list of prescription yeast infection treatments available there is one in particular that deserves a special mention here. This is the drug called Diflucan, and the reason for the special mention lies in the fact that only one dosage is required as a treatment.


In the matter of yeast infection treatments which are natural or herbal, you have a number of options open to you. These range from the messy to the sublime to the comforting.


If we go with messy yeast infection treatments a mention should definitely be made of yogurt treatments. Next up would be herbal boluses, and after that the more complicated of the herbal douches used as yeast infection treatments.


The sublime yeast infection treatments are the ones that bring you immediate relief from your discomfort, and yogurt should also be included in this section as well. The application of yogurt to the vagina can bring about immediate relief for many people which is why it is a preferred method of yeast infection treatments.


The comforting yeast infection treatments include no, not yogurt, but a sitz bath. In this particular treatment you sit with widespread legs in a bath filled hip deep with warm water and half a cup of apple cider vinegar, and let the soothing conditions relieve you of your yeast infection.


Overall though, all of these yeast infection treatments work on some level or other. You just need to find the one which suits you.

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